Alpaca Expeditions was started by Raul Ccolque, who has lived in the Andes all his life and has worked on the Inca trail and on all the Treks to Macchupicchu both as a Porter and a Tour Guide since he was 18 years old. Alpaca Expeditions is locally owned and based in Cusco, Peru. We aim to provide the best and most genuine tour of the Andes. We cater for all your needs and through our range of different tours, we are sure that we can find a tour that suits whatever you desire.

One of the primary goals of Andean Expeditions is to support local community through providing jobs in the company, particularly for the Porters, and to built some sustainable schools for the Andean kids. Raul has lived in the Andes his entire life. He was born in a small village called Seque Raccay (meaning Chicha village), which rests 3600 metres above sea level. Growing up in a small Kechuan village ignited his passion for his Incan heritage and his love of hiking in the surrounding mountains. Raul went to a Kechua speaking Elementary and High School in his local village. He then went on to continue his studies at Cusco University where he studied Tourism.

Our Goals

  • To provide sustainable and informative tours to Macchupicchu.
  • To educate you about Incan Culture and its History in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.
  • To provide a memorable and enjoyable Trekking experience.
  • To maintain a 100% locally owned company with a view to supporting local community by providing jobs and concentrating on reinvesting back into the community.
  • To provide equitable services to the Green Army (our Porters), providing them with the appropriate equipment for hiking, Health Insurance should they get sick and that they are paid deservedly for their tireless work.


We give you a quality and personalized hiking honest tours, camping in the andes we also organise some tours for rain forest or jungle tours in cusco with very specialised tour guides. To be recognized as the leading Tour Agency & Operator in the Cusco Region & one that contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.


  • Honesty & integrity
  • Client = Friend
  • Commitment with the Culture and the Society of the Andean World.
  • Work in Team – Knowledge, Experience & Dedication.
  • Creative & Innovating – Solidarity
  • Replace attacks and criticisms by proposals & actions.
  • Made by Peruvians

Our Ambitions

To build an entirely sustainable company that provides top quality service to Visitors and at the same time develop methods to assist children in the Cusco region to have opportunities for education and help the Andean people support themselves whilst providing this top quality service

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