Help Alpaca Fight Fake Reviews

4 Sep

As many of you know, TripAdvisor is a great tool to travellers when beginning to plan a vacation.  It’s also great for small companies like Alpaca in getting our name out to people who wouldn’t normally know about us.  We have been so lucky to have amazing and happy people travel with us and they have been so kind to leave reviews about their experiences with us.  Reviews with lots of details is so helpful to prospective travellers who are not sure what to expect when in Peru or when travelling with us.  Because of you all, we were lucky enough to become the top listed travel company in Cusco according to Trip Advisor.

Clearly being number 1 has upset some other companies offering similar trips in Peru.  We believe one of our competitors has gone out of their way to continue to leave terrible reviews about us that are completely fictional.  They make up details about trips they claim to have taken with us and say that we left people ill on the mountain or left without the entire group – things that are so against everything Alpaca believes in.  As you all know from your experience with us, we go out of our way to make sure that every traveller has everything they need – we ask before you arrive in Peru about any special needs or food restrictions – our goal is to create personalized trips for each person, so we keep our groups small.  We answer all emails quickly and clearly.

Mistakes happen of course, but we will never ignore any question or complaint anyone has – we will never stop asking “how can we be better.l”  We want you to feel safe and provided for when you are with us.  These accusations made on TripAdvisor are so upsetting to us because they make claims of things that are fundamentally against our beliefs.

If you have time, we ask that you contact TripAdvisor and help us fight these reviews listed “terrible”.  You can either leave your own review of your personal experience with us – or mark the reviews that are listed as suspicious and explain you know that they are not possible.  Below are two links – one to our listing and one to where you can write a review.  We thank all of you that help.  We know how busy you all are and its so special to us that we have such amazing “Friends of Alpaca.”

Alpaca Expeditions TripAdvisor Listing

Write about your experience with Alpaca Expeditions

One Response to “Help Alpaca Fight Fake Reviews”

  1. Diane Collup June 28, 2015 at 3:34 pm #

    Thank You Ruben, Valentine, Joel and Ivan for such an AMAZING journey! You all added so much to making this a trip of a lifetime – your knowledge and passion were so appreciated. A special thank you to Ruben who was the guide I was with at Machu Picchu – listening to you and the passion you had to share your knowledge of the Inca people pulled me in and has made me want to learn more about Peru and it’s history. While we had free time I had the chance to hear several other companies tour guides talk about Machu Picchu and it was like they were reading a script. There was no passion, no enthusiasm and no visual aids – I loved that Ruben had pictures to help us understand and see the big picture, Ruben made the history come to life!

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